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Melanie Saward

Everyone has a story to tell, it’s up to you what you do with it.

Stephen Kamal

The power of collectively shared experience

Heather Fraser

Animals in Domestic Violence

Tania McMahon

A powerful antidote to distraction

Aleesha Rodriguez

The energy solution – it’s in your hands!

Jennifer Haig

Pay attention, or pay billions: the cost of ADHD in Australia.

Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita

Harvesting your inner beauty

Didi Winter

Lessons about trauma - The Children's Voices

Michael Cowley

Funding astronomy is critical to our future

Turki Alkaladi

What is International Humanitarian Law?

Ash Srinivas

Does your wellbeing reflect the walls around you?

Bianca Hunt

Graduate one day, CEO the next. Accelerating Indigenous Executive Leadership


Move gender equality into hyperdrive with purse power

Hugh Brown

Arts and culture clubs: nourishing the soul of local communities

Kristy Winter

Height's link to identifying missing persons

Madeleine Van

Finding Value in Getting Wasted

Madison Birtchnell

The future depends on you: A social movement worth billions

Nic Vogelpoel

Learning how to live with trauma with thanks to Harry Potter

Nicole Robinson

How intelligent machines will advance civilization

Santiago Valasquez

Blind people do not need to see

Tony Wiggins

Speaker Topic Coming Soon


It's never too late to Apomogise


Breaking the mold: adapting for non neurotypical minds

Jan Harvey

The current state of play (adults only)

Adam Fraser

Three simple steps to not take a bad day home

Andrea Davey

Your future: today

Bob Lonne

Protecting children is everybody’s business


The power of extraordinary women

Chris Rhyss

Uncomfortable ‘truth’ between right and wrong


The truth about refugees

Jacob Thomas

The (r)evolution of gender; how we exist beyond female and male

Jonathan Sri

Systemic Racism: Australia's great white silence


Future Thinkers Pitch Session

Michael Milford

How Hollywood can save math education

Rebecca & Leah

A voice for choice

Scott Hocknull

From dig to digital – breaking the ‘rules’ of museums

Suzi Vaughan

Fashion your future: Think more like a fashion designer


The power and potential of parks


A healthy dose of laughter

Freya Wright Brough

How I became an extreme writer


365 grateful project


Living in two worlds – understanding the stuff around us


Ignite your idea – why you are ready to launch a startup


We can build a better planet for refugees


Absolutely biofabulous

One Minute Pitch

Our audience tells us their idea worth sharing


Con law is sexy


Apply what you love


More science demonstrations please


Love your sister


Why we need to measure brain health and vitality

Andrew Sorensen


Deanna Hood

My Apollo 1 moment in disease diagnosis

Margaret Heffernan

Dare to disagree

Ruben Meerman

TEDxQUT 2013 MC and speaker

Sarah Kay

If I should have a daughter!

Steven Johnson

Where do good ideas come from?