The Cube is one of the world's largest digital interactive learning and display spaces consisting of 48 multi-touch screens and soaring across two storeys in QUT's Science and Engineering Centre.

The Cube delivers unique interactive digital learning experiences which communicate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts and bring research to the public. The Cube is an accessible and inclusive space for QUT and the wider community and promotes learning through exploration and discovery. The Cube inspires and engages the next generation with an extensive outreach to schools, including hands-on and interactive workshops and public programs for students during school terms and in school holidays.

Collaborating with QUT researchers and drawing on knowledge and data from research areas in STEM, The Cube facilitates opportunities for visitors to discover, visualise and contribute to research projects. Environments are replicated at a real-world scale, allowing visitors to become 'citizen scientists' and experience real project scenarios and explore the big questions of the 21st century.


  • Dedicated enterprise-class data centre
  • 190 square metres of display surface, approximately 145 megapixels
  • 14 high performance computers, with a total of 24 high-powered CPUs utilising 2.5 TB of memory and 44 high-end gaming graphics cards
  • 48 high-definition touch panels with unlimited touch points
  • 14 projectors
  • 55 custom-made speakers
  • 4 dedicated 10Gb Ethernet networks
  • Direct connection to AARNet and the internet


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