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We provide affordable and professional psychological services for the general public, including family therapy, counselling, and assessment. Children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families are welcome, as well as staff and students of QUT.

The therapists in our clinic are QUT postgraduate students in Clinical Psychology, Educational and Developmental Psychology or Counselling. The interns of the Clinical and Educational and Developmental Psychology programs are provisionally registered psychologists, while the Counselling therapists possess a range of experience and work in teams under close supervision.

All students receive extensive supervision from highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field and are trained in evidence-based treatments.

Sessions are provided on both an individual basis and through group therapy, including couples and families. Our services are offered in a comfortable, professional, and specially designed suite of consultation rooms.

Download the Psychology and Counselling flyer (PDF file, 253KB)

QUT Psychology and Counselling Clinic is a teaching and research clinic. Consultations are routinely video recorded for supervision purposes. You may be invited to participate in a research project during your time accessing the clinic services but you are under no obligation to participate.

The therapists in our clinic are QUT postgraduate students in Clinical Psychology, Educational and Developmental Psychology or Counselling. Across these three service streams, our therapists provide treatment for a wide range of conditions (see the Conditions tab). Individual, couples, and family therapy are offered to best meet the needs of the client.

We also provide specialised services in conjunction with the dietetics team within the clinic to assist adults who are overweight or obese with weight loss or healthy eating and activity. As part of the Eating Disorders Clinic,  we provide quality psychological services for those with an eating disorder other than severe anorexia nervosa.

The Clinical and Educational and Developmental Psychology interns also conduct thorough psychological and psychometric assessments of intelligence, memory, learning issues, and personality across children, adolescents, and adults. This service aims to equip clients with knowledge of their strengths and difficulties and to assist in clarifying the supports and interventions that could be beneficial to their development.

The Caroline Chisholm School, Student and Family Support Centre operates within the Psychology and Counselling Clinic and represents a unique partnership between Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This service was established to provide support and psychological and assessment services to students, their families and school communities within BCE.

The Counselling service in our clinic addresses a wide range of concerns through individual and group sessions. This service employs a Reflecting Team model of practice, which is an innovative way of providing individual, couples, and family therapy as well as clinical supervision.

  • Anxiety, including panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Stress
  • Trauma and psychological injury
  • Relationship issues
  • Anger management
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Adjustment difficulties, including adjustment to medical conditions
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Sleep problems
  • Eating issues
  • Career counselling and employment issues
  • Concentration and study skills
  • Resilience
  • Learning difficulties
  • Parenting support
  • Family interaction difficulties
  • Developmental conditions including ASD and ADHD across the lifespan
  • Social, emotional and behavioural issues for children and adolescents, including friendships and bullying

Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll is the Clinic Coordinator of the Psychology and Counselling Clinic and is a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist. She completed her education in psychology at QUT and has worked in community organisations and as a sessional academic for the QUT School of Psychology and Counselling. She continues to work in private practice alongside her QUT role.

Esben Strodl

Esben Strodl

Associate Professor Esben Strodl is a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology and Counselling at QUT, and is the Eating Disorders Clinic Director at the QUT Health Clinics. He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, a Fellow of the APS College of Health Psychologists and a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. Esben’s research interests are in understanding the psychological mechanisms that cause and maintain eating disorders and disordered eating.

He is also interested in developing novel psychological interventions to improve the outcome of adolescents and adults with eating disorders. In terms of teaching, Esben has a strong focus on interprofessional learning to help new therapists maximise their effectiveness in helping individuals and families influenced by eating disorders.

  • Initial Consultation - $40.00 (concession $20.00)
  • Review Consultation - $40.00 (concession $20.00)
  • Psychological/Psychometric Assessment (e.g. IQ, learning difficulties, memory problems etc.) - $400.00 (concession $200.00)

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of services available. Please enquire at the time of making your appointment and details can be provided as to the cost of your specific treatment.

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